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Thank-you for taking the time to view my site. My name is David Lean, and I am the director of MBACP registered,  "Lean My Way" counselling services. The main purpose of the site is provide you with some general information and my direct contact details to enable you to make contact as easily as possible. 

Sessions now available  Monday to Friday from  5.30pm - 8.30pm and also each Saturday morning, between 9am-1pm, from my rooms in Lea, Preston.

If you would like to listen to how "Lean My Way" came to be, please click on the below link. o 

Trauma Informed Trained March 2023.

Please contact me for a conversation and to answer any additional questions you may have on 07730 385905 or email me on 

Thank-you in advance. David 

About Me, Who is David?

A caring and dedicated qualified person centred counsellor, with almost 40 years professional work life experience to call on. My professional experience has been served working within Fylde, for two local community charities in a public facing role. Through-out this period I gained vast and valuable experience of developing relationships while supporting adults through difficult person situations. I have counselling experience of working with adults with a multitude of life issues, which affected individuals mental well-being and also experience of working at Trust House, a rape, assault and abuse centre.  I have worked in a professional capacity with the National Police Chiefs Council and the NSPCC.


I provide person centred counselling where I will encourage you to bring your own concerns to the sessions, the direction is always led by you, at your pace.

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"Lean My Way"

We will develop a trusting relationship, which will allow you to open up in a therapeutic environment, where you will feel safe to explore whatever you feel you wish to bring to each session.

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"Lean My Way"

I will not judge you under any circumstances. My commitment to you, is that I will show you empathy and remain real and honest whilst sharing your journey with you.

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"Lean My Way"

As a person centred counsellor, I will help you to explore your own feelings, emotions, behaviours and views, so that you you can become more self aware and achieve greater independence, through talking, focus, challenge and reflection.  I will treat you as the expert, as nobody understands exactly what it is like to be you. 

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